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This site is a resource for "aging kids" who refuse to give in to society's rigorous demands on maturity. We aim to keep older skaters on top of the latest stuff in skateboarding and other miscellaneous crap like the importance of supporting your local skate shop.

If you think you're too old to skateboard or you think it's inappropriate for someone your age... think again - this site is for you!

Support Your Local Skate Shop

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We want everyone to know the importance of supporting local independent skate shops. There are a lot of different retailers who can sell you a "skateboard". Only independent skate shops carry quality brands, sold by skaters who know the products. If you want to buy a skateboard at a toy store or discount box-store, first check out the difference in quality & selection at your local skate shop. I'm sure your local skate shop is far more impressive than any generic discount super-stores.

Check out our "Support Your Local Skate Shop" Resource Center for more details.

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Dig through the site, soak it up and visit your local skate shop with a wad of cash (or credit). Don't look back and set off on the never-ending ride of your life!

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We want you to ingest the culture and go skate! Our goal is to motivate everyone who ever wanted to (or used to) skate to get out there and do it - REGARDLESS OF YOUR AGE!

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Support Your Local Skateboard Shop!

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