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This site, “Skate the Planet”, is a primarily a resource for skaters looking for skateboard reviews and articles as well as manufacturer's web sites. It is geared toward anyone (especially the older generation) who formerly skated and want to get back into skateboarding or begin skating from scratch. Some of the content is better suited toward those 18 years of age and older. Use your own discretion.

I started skating around 1973. Like many, I stopped then started and then repeated this scenario until I finally got my act together and realized: I had to skate!

My hope is that “Skate the Planet” will inspire former skaters, aging skaters and those who feel they don't fit into today's skate world to dust off their board, buy new pads and feel that board vibrating under their feet again. Whether at a local skate park or the length of your driveway, get out that old board, re-live the feeling and get stoked on re-joining the skate community.

Even if you feel riding isn't for you anymore (though it REALLY is) get involved with local efforts to build skate parks or other activities to promote skating in your area. Don't let your town waste money on a toy park when similar funds will build a real skate park.

Those who pioneered this sport, long before my time, are still at it - shooting hills, flying over the coping and draining backyard pools. Join them!

Skateboarding in the Seventies

As a kid, in the seventies, I had a blue plastic skateboard that sufficed in those days. It's center sparkled with a cheesy holographic inlay and an etched hatch-pattern in place of grip tape. I upgraded it with a set of Road Rider 4's, not really grasping the enormity of the activity I had stumbled onto - or it's culture. After that initial stumble, I devoured skate mags, soaking up every piece of info I could find. I'd skate to the local 7-11 with a pocket full of change and a dollar bill or two. With a slurpee in hand and a skateboard magazine in my lap, I'd sit on the curb and delve into skateboarding, wondering if I'd ever be pulling any of the moves I saw in print.

My first real skateboard was a Vision: John Grigley deck with Indy trucks and Toxic wheels. Yeah, it had rails and a tail-guard. I still have it and it's gonna stay that way!

Skateboard Technology Gets Better

Fast forward to today - I have an income, the essential piece of the puzzle absent from childhood. Gone are the days of a pocket full of change. Now, I can afford a new set-up every now and then.

Technology has revolutionized skateboarding. From better materials and improved designs to main-stream media coverage, skateboarding has evolved into a growing business laden with energy, angst and passion. The diversity of skateboard culture flourishes letting you fit in where ever you want. You can find the prefect set-up whether you want to bomb hills, drop in or destroy the streets. Don't follow the leader - explore your inner cravings and do your own thing.

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Both Reviews and Articles contain an option at the top of each page to remove or display profanity - the “sanitation factor”, as we call it. Most current skate magazines are full of profanity (and I get a big kick out of that!) but it seemed more fun to blatantly call it out. These pages load into your browser with profanity turned off (not displayed in the browser window). You have the option of displaying (along with highlighting) all the dirty F#©&ing words with a single mouse-click. Fun!

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