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Etnies Custom Shoes

Etnies custom shoe

Converse did it. So did Vans. Now Etnies joins the ranks of online shoe customization. I received an e-mail today (Feb 2007) announcing the customization option.

Despite limited color and pattern options, you can customize pretty much the entire surface of the shoe from the rubber to the metal grommets for the laces. And you can put your name or other pithy (and short) phrase. I believe you get 7 characters which doesn't leave a lot of room for imagination, but you should be able to concoct something more original than the average manufacturer's label!

Etnies custom shoe Etnies custom shoe

The shoes above feature our "GRIND•12" skate zine moniker for lack of anything more original. Like other companies that have gone the route of text customization, Etnies screens for profanity, so the spiffy "Fuck Me" shoes we made resulted in an ugly white screen that said, "no way".

Etnies custom shoe

Isn't it just like most lazy-ass software developers who don't take the time to make customized error screens. This white page that popped up creates a really bad user experience. If they know which field caused the problem, why not display that in a more human-friendly format?

Hopefully, Etnies is just beginning this program and will work out the kinks... or lose a lot of potential orders.

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