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My Thermos® Kicks Ass

red plaid thermos

If you lived through the 60's or 70's chances are you've seen one of these swanky plaid lunchboxes with matching thermos. Hopefully you didn't suffer the wrath of owning one.

In elementary school I was a Peanuts fanatic and Snoopy was king. Every year, the only school supply I cared about was getting a new Peanut's lunchbox with matching thermos.

Back in those days, lunchboxes always came with a thermos. These cheap plastic thermoses kept my juice cool until lunch time which was all I demanded of it at six years of age. As one aged it became cool to have a brown bag lunch, forgoing the festive lunchbox I loved so much. Like all things, time ages them all - even a thermos.

vintage Thermos logo

More recently I was trying to replace a travel coffee mug that was beyond salvation - lots of rust and corrosion. All the travel mugs I found were crappy plastic ones that looked flimsier than the rusted jug I wanted to throw out. Frankly, it pissed me off.

Then I discovered my local grocery store (of all unlikely places) had a large selection of Thermos® brand products. Stoked I yanked a travel mug off the shelf and decided to give it a whirl.

Thermos® uses a vacuum between the inner and outer walls of the mug. This keeps the temperature stable and less susceptible to change. Hot coffe stays hot for hours and cold drinks stay cold. Gotta like that. I've had ice cubes last overnight in their standard mini thermos! Thermos® makes a ton of varied products. There's one for what ever type of juice you're rolling with.

Importance of a good thermos

So far I've tried the travel mug, mini thermos and food container. Ordinarily, I don't get excited about thermoses and such, but these things are so amazing I had to mention them.

In the Summer when I head out to skate, I always bring a drink. Actually, I bring several - a lot of water and some soda for the caffeine. Keeping it cold has always sucked because those coolers full of ice always seem to spring a leak. When the ice melts (and it does so very fast) it leads to a mess that I don't want to deal with. Hydration is important in the hot sun, but having much of it spill all over my truck is annoying as hell.

These tThermos® products let me ditch the crappy coolers and ice. Drinks are always cold! For that matter, coffee always stays hot. The food container is awesome for cold or hot meals on the go.

FYI: A vacuum flask, colloquially called a thermos is a storage vessel which provides thermal insulation by interposing a partial vacuum between the contents and the ambient environment. The evacuated region of the partial vacuum removes material that could serve as a heat conductor or carrier, enabling the flask to keep its contents hotter or cooler than its surroundings.

The vacuum flask was invented by Scottish physicist and chemist Sir James Dewar in 1892 and is sometimes referred to as a Dewar flask after its inventor. The first vacuum flasks for commercial use were made in 1904 when a German company, Thermos GmbH, was formed. Thermos remains a registered trademark in some countries but was declared a genericized trademark in the U.S. in 1963 as it is colloquially synonymous with vacuum flasks in general.

Go snag a thermos from Thermos®. Its a great investment that lasts and really does its job.

Kick-ass Thermos® Products

Thermos travel mug Thermos Thermos food container

These are the Thermos® products I've tried and will continue to use until I no longer need to eat & drink.

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