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Wrench Pilot by Mel Bend

Wrench Pilot logo

Remember Wrench Pilot from Transworld sk8 mag in the late 80's? It was that black & white two-page comic featuring the "every man's" skater, Lettus Bee. The strip ran consistently for about 3 years and is now having a resurgence in popularity via sk8 mags and on the latest shoes from Lakai featuring panels from the comic.

Lettus Bee, the wrench pilot

Wrench Pilot was drawn by Mel Bend (aka: Andy Jenkins) and published by Transworld Skateboarding magazine from 1989 through 1991. It was originally concepted as a piece for Thrasher Comics, but was rejected for reasons unknown. Transworld published 23 episodes of Wrench Pilot, before Bend stopped drawing it. The comic made a brief comeback (#24) in the first issue of the rejuvenated Skateboarder Magazine in 2001 and again (#25) in 2004 for the Lakai Footwear company.

Zine creator/artist, Bend, first created Wrench Pilot in 1986.

For you old school die-hards who have to have your feet wrapped in Lettus, check out Lakai's web site for all the details and resellers.

Lakai Wrench Pilot shoe

Apparently, the Wrench Pilot Slipper (pictured above) didn't make the production cut. I guess more people wear skate shoes than require a comfy pair of slippers to wander around the house in. Personally, living in the Northeast kind of necessitates some sort of house-wandering accouterment - floors get damn cold in the winter around here!

Lettus Bee, the wrench pilot

You can catch up with Lettus Bee on the Bend Press web site and check out all the issues.

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