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You know you're Old School when...

  1. You once thought Sims Pure Juice Wheels RULED
  2. You actually took Bennet trucks up on their "unbreakable baseplates" promise - numerous times.
  3. You actually took Kryptonics up on their "unbreakable fibre/foam core/ski construction" board promise.
  4. You had to explain to non-skaters why your board had "AWA" written on it.
  5. You thought a "real fast" vert ramp had patches made out of panelling that you actually RODE OVER.
  6. You had two sizes of coping: large and small broomstick handles.
  7. You remember when boards were skinny before they were fat.
  8. "Dogtown" was the Holy Land of all things Pool-like.
  9. You thought the Krypto ad with the Cylon Raider toy was cool.
  10. You actually skated more than one concrete park.
  11. You knew not to buy a green Norcon helmet because it was hot.
  12. "Pizza grip" is responsible for a random act of scarification on one of your legs.
  13. You often wonder "what ever became of the giant pipes in Arizona?".
  14. You think Tony Alva could still maybe shred Hawk.
  15. You had a set of Tracker Full Tracks.
  16. You know what Gull Wings are.
  17. You know how big UFO downhill wheels were.
  18. You thought Tunnel Rocks were fast.
  19. You walk in a bowling pro shop, only to have the scent of urethane remind you of actual skateboard-only shops.
  20. You once had an all-fibreglass board.
  21. You had a set of Road Rider 4's.
  22. You thought Z-Flex had a cool logo.
  23. You actually skated the Pepsi plexiglass half pipe.
  24. You know why Inouye carved grooves in his wheels.
  25. You could tell the difference between AZF's and neoprene bearings by listening to someone skate.
  26. You broke a set of die-cast trucks.
  27. Hardcore hadn't happen yet and you didn't like punk, so you skated to tapes of Ted Nugent or Van Halen played at 45 RPM.
  28. You knew the Guiness Book of World Records barrel jump record holder, and skated his ramp.
  29. You remember that it was a picture of Tony Alva getting backside air in a kidney pool that was the first shot of a pig in a magazine (and it was complete with a Darth Vader Star Wars bubble gum sticker).
  30. You once could do more than 15 360's in a row.
  31. Urethane technology was such that you once melted the core on a set of wheels.
  32. You thought Gyro's were the best.
  33. "Green CX-66's" meant something to you.
  34. You know the story about how fat boards happened.
  35. You once saw a movie called "Skateout".
  36. You know that a Jim Muir Dogtown board was the narrowest board they made.
  37. These names meant something: Upland; Highroller.
  38. You know what "Rad-pads" are.
  39. You know you're REAAAAALLY old school when you remember frontside/backside meant the opposite of what it does today.
  40. AND..You were a poser if you were born before 1970 and don't get any of this.

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