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Support Your Local Skateboard Shop #sylss

Support Your Local Skate Shop #sylss

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Support Your Local Skateboard Shop #sylss

Skaters will always be hassled by those who don't get it. Cops rank high in this area.

With so much chaos in the world it's hard to imagine cops don't have better things to do that chase & Hassle skaters. Perhaps they've solved all the major crimes and are trying to integrate skate youths into conformity. Good luck with that. If we're going to be eternally hassled, why can't cops look more like the one pictured here?

When Johnny-law is on a rampage, skaters bolt with their boards. Skateboards can be a formidable weapon and are not inexpensive. The last thing you want is to get caught and wind up with your board confiscated. If you bought your ride at an independent skate shop it was probably expensive compared to the crappy boards sold at discount box-stores. If you had a cheap-ass Ninja Turtle deck, you might not mind the $25 loss, but a real skate costs real money.

Uninformed skaters/consumers need your help. You can lend a hand and help support local skate shops by downloading these SYLSS "Crappy Skateboard" WARNING LABELS (4-up PDF files) and stick 'em on those crappy products you encounter in the mall, discount stores, toy stores and sporting goods stores.

Only independent skateboard shops sell quality products that won't break or fall apart in the first 10 minutes of use. Boards purchased from crappy department stores and gluttonous box-stores are unsafe and will usually result in unnecessary injuries.

Your local skate shop is the only place that cares about you and ensuring you get high quality equipment. Department stores, toy stores and sporting goods stores only want your money. Independent skate shops want to keep you as a customer by helping you get the best products available.

Check out our Support Your Local Independent Skateboard Shop resource center #sylss.

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