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Support Your Local Skateboard Shop #sylss

Support Your Local Skate Shop #sylss

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Support Your Local Skateboard Shop #sylss

If your parents are only willing to spend $20 on a skateboard - it's time to get a job! As they cruise the streets in their BMWs and Mercedes, it's vital that they find bargains at department stores and lame-ass malls. Don't let your parents screw up your life-long ambition to skate just because they're too cheap to buy you quality products from your local skate shop.

Help these ignorant bargain-hunters (your parents) and downloading these SYLSS "Crappy Skateboard" WARNING LABELS (4-up PDF files) and stick 'em on any of the crappy product you encounter. Store clerks love this!

Only independent skateboard shops sell quality products that won't break or fall apart in the first 10 minutes of use. Boards purchased from crappy department stores are unsafe and will usually result in unnecessary injuries.

Wise up and buy from your local skate shop. They are the only ones who care about you and ensuring you get high quality equipment. Department stores only want your money. Independent skate shops want to keep you as a customer by helping you get the best available products.

Check out our Support Your Local Independent Skateboard Shop resource center #sylss.

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