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Skate The Planet aims to keep aging older skaters on top of the latest mail order trends in skateboarding. Its very hard to recommend a good online retailer. Call a few and ask lots of questions. The more knowledgeable retailers tend to have better service, but not always.

Check with friends to see who they've had good luck ordering from. Don't fall for the "free stickers with every order" routine. Just demand good service.

Skateboard Mail Order:

The Mail Order links are consumer-based companies that the general public can use to order products from a wide variety of retailers.


Skateboard Distributors:

The Distributor links sell only to resellers like your local skate shop. They deal exclusively with shops, not the "average Joe" who needs a new deck. We've included them so you know who they are and what they do.

Always be aware of who you are dealing with when making purchasing decisions and ordering products online!


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