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So you're riding along and you keep hearing about things like kick tails, clay wheels, plastic decks and Road Rider 4's. Over time you begin to wonder what these things are. Relics from the past? Just some old crap? If you don't know... well... take a few minutes to rummage through our visual history of Skate Boarding.
Afterall, skateboarding didn't start yesterday!

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Skateboard Product Archive:

Every now and then a product comes along and I stop and think, "Wow. What a great idea." Doesn't happen often... and other times everything I see sparks my imagination. Down the road I recall the item and I think, "Whatever happened to that thing?" But by that time it's long gone.

I've decided to try and archive some of these treasure broken down by Decks, Wheels and Trucks. We'll see how it goes.

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