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Although less impressive than many collections of skateboard memorabilia, I've been skating since the mid 1970's and have amassed quite a lot of stuff. From decks and accessories to clothes and few offbeat zines, here's a laundry list of some of the more interesting stuff.

Skateboard Decks:

Skateboard Accessories:

  • Santa Cruz made these risers called Cellblock III's.
  • SC also made coppers which enabled you to grind trucks easier than the metal.
  • Too keep from grinding down the tail of your board, Tail Bones screwed onto the underside of the board. This didn't help your ollies much, but it was in the early 80's! This product was called a Tail Feather 8.5".
  • Back to the grind... Rails were attatched to the sides of the underside to enable sliding without damagin the graphic on the underside of the board. Both Powell Peralta and Zorlac made rails.
  • To prevent getting hung up on your truck's kingpin, Lappers could be attatched to the truck to create a smooth plane over the hanger. Similarly, Blunts were atached to the board, in front of the truck, to prevent hang ups from that angle.
  • These Angled Riser Pads are so soft you can almost fold them in half. they'll absorb anything the pavement can dish out.
  • Tailbones were not usually this large (underside). You practically need risers just to get this thing under the tail!
  • My original SK8 Tool from the 70's. Notice the flat-head screw driver tool.

Skateboard Clothing:

Skateboard Zines and Printed Info:

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