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Skateboarding Accessory Review:The Wheelbone Skateboard Trick Trainer

The Wheelbone Skateboard trick trainer Skateboarding skateboard Review 5 star rating

Manufacturer: Wheelbone
Web Site:
Rating: 5 Stars

Wheelbone Skateboard trick trainer Skateboarding skateboard Review

The Wheelbone is a skateboard trick enhancement device designed to help you master new tricks and improve techniques on your existing arsenal of manic footwork. Whether you're a beginner trying to ollie or a vet who can't nail a particular trick, the Wheelbone can help.

Pop a Wheelbone on your skateboard and you'll be able to focus on your technique with less worry about cracking your head open. The Wheelbone lets you put serious repetition into balance and technique with far fewer slams. You don't have to bleed to learn! There's plenty of time to bail & bleed on the streets where your buds will be far more impressed.

Cheating Death

Have you ever wondered how someone becomes good at cliff diving, BASE jumping or motocross back-flips? Risking death to perfect your technique seems crazy! I've always thought they must be born with an innate ability to pull off these stunts. The truth is - there's no better way to learn something than to GO DO IT!

Wheelbone Skateboard trick trainer mascot Skateboarding skateboard Review

Go Skate - Don't Sit and Watch

I like watching skate videos on the TV, but I don't expect to learn much. The Wheelbone puts you on your board while you learn and perfect tricks.

If you're into instructional DVDs you'll find everything from mastering guitar licks to becoming a chef. Hell, every skate vid out there is instructional in some sense and some even claim to "teach" you. But you won't learn much sitting on your ass in front of the TV.

Until you pick up a guitar or turn on the stove those dreams of joining Metallica or catering a Victoria's Secret launch party are just wishful thinking. Go skate!

How Does The Wheelbone Work?

Get over the fact that it looks like a sk8-condom. Ignore the fact that you won't look cool bouncing around with a giant rubberband on your board. Learning a new trick with the Wheelbone is like masturbating - it's best done in private :)

Instead, think about all the insane tricks you'll be able to pull off with a regiment of focused training. Every push of your board will teach you more about skateboarding, people and the world around you. Skating and having fun is my favorite way to progress, but taking 30 minutes a day with the Wheelbone has helped me learn new tricks by letting me focus on my technique, through repetition, rather than falling on my butt with every attempt.

The living room carpet seems like a good place to learn some basic skills, but it pisses off the parents. The Wheelbone lets you take the non-slick comfort of carpet outside - making the parents much happier. Without the hassle of falling on your ass with every failed attempt, the Wheelbone lets you concentrate and focus on the mechanics and balance of every movement. The pain of bailing tells you something went wrong, but hinders your ability to know WHAT went wrong. Repetition allows a lot more understanding of what works and what doesn't.

Wheelbone trick trainer Skateboarding skateboard Review

An active lifestyle will promote good heath, but a 30-minute workout will specifically build strength and endurance. Same with skateboarding - skating with your crew will make you a better skater over time, but a 30-minute focused workout with the Wheelbone will help you improve much faster.

Pros & Cons:


  • Perfect for beginners and seasoned skaters.
  • Boosts repetition which fosters fast improvement.
  • Durable and stays in place.
  • An unlikely training aid that really works.


  • Looks like a futuristic skate condom.
  • Won't prevent pregnancy.

Wheelbone t-shirts Skateboarding skateboard Review


Whether you're a kid desperate to learn to ollie or a war-torn veteran trying to nail a particular trick - the Wheelbone will make it happen faster. No doubt!
Ask for it at your local skate shop!

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