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Skateboarding Book Review:Public Skatepark Development Guide

Public Skatepark Development Guide Five Star Review

Author: Peter Whitley
Released: 2007
Rating: 5 Stars

It's a bout time!!!
Finally someone has stepped up and attempted to remove a lot of confusion from the process of getting a skatepark built in your town. It won't build the park for you or even guarantee you'll ever get a park, but it is an incredible resource for getting started and executing a smart plan.

One of the larger issues is that skaters are not always in the right mind-set to deal with town councils and city politics. This book is a great guide to understanding the non-sk8 aspects of park prospecting.

From the website
Hundreds of new skateparks are being built every year. It is a boom era for public skateboarding facilities. However, no public skatepark has ever been built without a group of dedicated advocates promoting the project. This new book encourages and guides people through the skatepark process.

Skatepark advocacy is usually a lonely effort. Groups have been isolated in their activity and were required to research the most effective ways to build support for their project. The non-profit organization, Skaters for Public Skateparks (SPS), was founded in 2004 to address the need for accessible skatepark advocacy information and now reaches thousands of advocates across the world. Until the creation of SPS, precious few resources existed to support the cause. Now a single, comprehensive book guides the advocate from the early stages of envisioning, through planning and development, all the way to managing the open facility.

The Public Skatepark Development Guide is the world's first comprehensive instructional manual on skatepark advancement and is a publishing collaboration between the International Association of Skateboard Companies, Tony Hawk Foundation, and SPS. The Guide presents the collected wisdom of dozens of the nation's most effective skatepark proponents and expertly discusses every stage of skatepark creation.

If this book doesn't motivate you to get off your ass and get involved with a local skatepark project, we hope you enjoy skating your parent's gravel driveway.


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