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Skateboarding Book Review:How To Build Skateboard Ramps, Halfpipes,
Boxes, Bowls and More

How To Build Skateboard Ramps, Halfpipes, Boxes, Bowls and More Five Stars

Author: Kevin Thatcher
Publisher: High Speed Productions
Released: December 2001
Rating: 5 Stars

Thrasher Magazine used to publish a small digest-sized pamphlet with info about building skateboard ramps. It gave good ideas and had some sketches to get you started on the wooden structure of your backyard dreams. This full-color, full-size book takes the old pamphlet to bold new levels.

Having some basic wood-working skills and knowledge of using some hand tools and power tools will be helpful, but this book is the key component to strategising your whole project to make certain you do it right from the beginning.

You may have a good idea of what you want to build and where you want to build it, but have you looked into the legal ramifications? You don't want to build (and pay for) the halfpipe of your dreams only to have your town take it down!

That's how complete this book really is. It will instruct you from start to finish. It starts with choosing a site, choosing materials and tools, risks of owning a ramp and then describes several building options and general maintenance.

  • Street Ramps
  • Vert Ramps
  • Mini Ramps
  • Bowls

Buy this book... and a hammer.

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