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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:411 Video Magazine Vol. 13 Issue 1

411 Video Magazine Vol. 13 Issue 1 DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Studio: 411 Studios
Released: March 2005
Rating: 4 Stars

Daewon Song, Reese Forbes, Terell Robinson, Enrique Lorenzo, Danny Montoya, Wieger Van Wageningen, Andrew Reynolds, Stefan Janoski, Brandon Biebel, Kenny Reed, Cairo Foster, Mike Rysczyk, Alex Carolina, Aaron Suski, Pat Rakestraw, Adam Alfaro, Ben Gilly, Ragdoll, Kyle Leeper, Benny Fairfax, Clint Peterson, Cale Nuske, Dave Coyne, Nick Palmquist, Kenny Reed, Raymond Molinar, Chad Tim Tim, Dennis Durrant, Aaron Johnson and many more...

2005 marks the beginning of a new life for 411 Skateboarding with the launch of the completely redesigned 411 Video Magazine. The new 411VM packaging has undergone a big change. No longer packaged as a traditional video, 411VM has become a multi-media product including a DVD, free music sampler CD, a 32-page Zine, and Poster! With the modernized format, each 411VM release will feature a "guest creative director" giving the print packaging and DVD motion graphics an individual look and feel.

Prominent artist Dave Kinsey ( produced the visual identity of this issue. Watching a 411VM video is like having a "Sk8-TV" channel on your cable box. From interviews and traditional parts to commercials and promos for upcoming things, there's a little bit of everything in each issue.

Of course this makes some issues better than others, but there's always a diversity to each one. 13.1 starts off with a Chaos montage of skaters ripping different spots. We get full parts from Daewon Song, Reese Forbes, Terell Robinson, Enrique Lorenzo, Danny Montoya, and Wieger Van Wageningen. Wieger's part consisted of various pros trying to pronounce his last name - before his part.

I actually enjoyed the commercials in this issue. I thought they were well done and interesting beyond simply conning us into buying product. The promo for 411's Versus (i.e.: vs.) contest was pretty cool. The disc ends with a music video from Rise Against.

If you're into folded posters with plenty of creases - and who isn't? - you'll be pleased to own, and hang up, this 11 x 17 poster of the DVS Skate More video or flip it over for the competition grid for 411's Versus competition. Either way, a little scotch tape will make your walls a little less boring with this festive poster - suitable for hanging. You'll still be boring, but don't hang yourself... just go skate!

CD Music Sampler

George Carlin poses a relevant question, "What does real lemon flavor mean?"
"No fucking lemons!"

The same theory applies to free music discs. What sort of music does one find on a free sampler? The kind that is unsalable at the retail level. There were a few good tacks on here, but I have yet to rush to the store for any full length CDs. I find it hard to listen to mixes with such different styles on them. If I wanna rock out, I don't want to hear any odd-ball electronica. ...just an opinion.

411 Zine

The only thing missing from this 32 page zine is content. With a ton of full page ads and very scant details on the featured skaters, this alleged zine is little more than another marketing opportunity for the issue's sponsors. You won't be clinging to it for any vital information and the glossy pages make it a poor substitute for toilet paper or kindling. OK, that was uncalled for - I'm being a dick. The zine needs a little more substance before you can really say it's a value-add to the 411VM package.

Bonus Stuff

The Bottom Line

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