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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:411 Video Magazine Vol. 13 Issue 4

411 Video Magazine Vol. 13 Issue 4 DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Studio: 411 Studios
Released: Nov. 2005
Rating: 3 Stars

Patrick Melcher, Robin Baker, Leo Romero, Pete Eldrige, Tommy Gurrola, Matt Pailes, Aaron Suski, Danny Fuenzalida, Robin Baker, Mike Maldonado, Pete Eldridge, Chris Pastras, Benny Fairfax, Daniel Shimizu, Jerry Hsu, Leo Romero and more...

I'll confess at the outset that this is the first time I've seen 411VM in it's new format with the oversize cardboard case and color zine thingamajig. I'm a big fan of the video magazine concept. It's cool to see a real diversity of skaters and footage on a single DVD. Many sk8 vids are shot with one team or in one area. 411 travels all over to hit contests, demos and profiles all sorts of teams and skaters.

This issue brings together skating from some of the most sought after names in the industry. Chicago's own Patrick Melcher continues the assault with his unique skating in Amerikan Hooligan. Get ire with the Satori Movement crew as the Satori in Motion montage raises the bar with footage from Matt Pailes, Aaron Suski, Danny Fuenzalida and the rest of the Satori posse. Yellow Board Skateboards' talented new am Robin Baker in Half-Baker. City Skateboards pros and East Coast representatives Mike Maldonado and Pete Eldridge team up in City Slickers, ripping up the streets with their trademark raw style.

We Love Road Trips with this segment showcasing the We Clothing skaters featuring Chris Pastras, Benny Fairfax, Daniel Shimizu and Jerry Hsu hitting the streets from California to Barcelona and everywhere in between. Put Foundation pro Leo Romero with Tommy Gurrola and you get slamming footage.

New Format

Since this is the first issue I've seen with the larger format... let me bend your ear for a moment and bitch a little. Remember when you were younger and purchased music on LP records? Ok, maybe you're not that old. Anyhow, the point is that they were huge 12" platters that took up a lot of shelf space. Then CD's came along (never mind cassettes and 8-tracks; hated them both as formats) in nice little 5½" cases. Dinosaur that I am, I owned a betamax and gave in to the lure of laser discs (like DVDs , but 12"). So video-wise, I loved when DVD came out with all the bells and whistles of special effects and bonus features. The discs were the same size as CD's, but came in slightly taller cases.

My point is that all these formats were the same size storage-wise. All my CDs and DVDs line up nicely on shelves. I know I'm drawing this way out and I'm not even making a huge point, but why put out a DVD in an absurdly large case and tout the inclusion of a folded up poster and 32 page zine full of ads? This gigantic cardboard fold-over doesn't fit with my other sk8 vids, I don't plan on hanging up a poster that has been folded eight times to fit into the packaging and as far as zines go... I don't really think they need to be 70% advertisements. That's just another way to raise money for the expensive new format.

Poster and Zine

Say, what's that tiny folded up paper inside? Could it Be? Why yes. It's a Bueno ad with Shiloh Greathouse and what's more, there's Cairo Foster in a Popwar ad on the other side. Damn, which side should I hang up first? Should I steal another copy so I can hang them both up? Maybe I should tape it to my bedroom window and enjoy Cairo from the inside and Shiloh when I'm locked out and staring longingly at the stack of porno mags I won't be able to "use" until someone comes home with a key.

I love zines... I even made a few myself. This 32 page one is glossy, on heavy paper and devoid of sk8 content. Plenty of ads, but little else. Hey, I already said that above... oh well. Worth mentioning again.

Bonus CD

The nice folks at 411VM decided to pop in a bonus audio CD with 12 music tracks and 3 videos. It's not a bad disc, but the sort of stuff you'd expect to get thrown in for free.

    Audio Trax:

  1. Milemarker - "Food Chain"
  2. The Goodwill - "Live from the Red Carpet"
  3. The Cribs - "Hey Scenesters"
  4. Cursive - "A Disruption in the Normal Swing of Things"
  5. The Subways - "Rock and Roll Queen"
  6. Chance - "We Don't Give a..."
  7. Living Things - "Bam, Bam, Bam"
  8. The Films - "Than Kind of Day"
  9. Dilated Peoples - "Back Again"
  10. Broken Spindles - "The Distance is Nearsighted"
  11. Cantankerous - "Flesh Roast"
  12. Reliant K - "Who I am Hates Who I've Been"


  1. Criteria - "Prevent the World"
  2. A.R.E. Weapons - "Weakest Ones"
  3. Mixel Pixel - "At the Arcade"

Bonus Stuff

  • I Have A Dream - Rob Dyrdek talks about the DC skate plaza he helped design in his home town of Kettering, Oh. The footage was taken from his documentary film, Groundbreaking (check out our review). Anyone looking to build a park or plaza in their town should get a copy of this sk8-umentary and use it as a blueprint for success. That sounded pompous. It's packed with good info. It tells the whole story and gives a lot of advice and tips on dealing with city councils and such.
  • Skate Harder - Contest in Italy.
  • Take Your Best Shot - Rotterdam photo and skate contest.
  • Visalia Skate Camp - the Visalia YMCA young filmmakers contest.
  • Couch Surfing - clips from the Zumiez Couch Tour of 2005.
  • Subtitled Chaos
  • Versus: Round 2 promo
  • Product guide

The Bottom Line

It's a cool mix of different stuff as opposed to jamming one company's team down your throat. If you're into that and like the extra contest footage, pick up a copy.

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