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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:411 Video Magazine Vol. 14 Issue 2

411 Video Magazine Vol. 14 Issue 2 DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Studio: 411 Sudios
Released: 2006
Rating: 3 Stars

Daryl Angel, Olly todd, Paul Manchau, Clint Peterson, Benny Fairfax, Tony Silva, Tny Manfre, Brent Atchley, Pat Duffy, Kerry Getz, Nate Jones, Matt Ball, Pete Eldridge, Cooper Wilt, Jason Lee, Chris Pastras, Dyson Ramones, Danny Supa, Daniel Shimitzu, Danny Renaud, Jerry Hsu, Jose Rojo, Jon Nguyen, Abdias Rivera, Mike Hastie, Pierre Luc Gagnon, Chet Thomas, Raymond Molinar, Angel Ramirez and many more...

I just couldn't get behind this issue. Sometimes 411VM is a hit or miss kind of thing. I'm starting to like the new format a bit more, with their guest art directors. Chris Pastras helms the art direction on this release. And of course you get a zine full of ads and a folded up poster (which is simply an 11" x 17" ad).

The disc opens with the El Toro 20 just before Kerry Getz, Nate Jones, Matt Ball and a host of others do up the Chaos segment. Next up - after experiencing a car accident, Daryl Angel skates with friends Jerry Hsu, Jose Rojo and Jon Nguyen. Olly Todd, referred to as the scrappy little elf from the UK, comes through with a stylish part.

Florida's own Abdias Rivera rips in his first full part ever! Paul Machnau has a mini-part with the Darkstar crew including Mike Hastie, PLG and Chet Thomas. The Stereo Sound Agency brings you Surround Sound, a montage of the Stereo Sound Agents doing what they do best. Featuring Jason Lee, Chris Pastras, Benny Fairfax, Clint Peterson, Dyson Ramones, Danny Supa, Daniel Shimitzu and Danny Renaud.

Tony Silva gets a full skate part, guest-starring Raymond Molinar and Angel Ramirez. The Versus contest makes its way into the Final Round, for $25,000. 411MV 14-2 also brings you some of the Tampa Am Contest and invites you to join the entire Stereo Sound Agency ripping it up, warehouse-style in an Epic Sesh. There's an exclusive interview with Lee Dupont and his experiences filming Circa's upcoming video "It's Time."

Sounds like a lot of good stuff - which it is - but it just didn't gel for me. Maybe you'll dig it. Get your friend's Mom to pay for it - then it's worth every penny.

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