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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:411's 911

911 DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Studio: 411 Productions
Released: May 18, 2004
Rating: 3 Stars

Tim O'Connor, Laban Pheidias, Stacy Lowery, Brian Schaefer and many others.

In celebration of skateboarding's most painful instance, 411 has dug deep into a decade's worth of tapes to bring together the best of the worst - the slams that define the joy and pain that is skateboarding. Tim O'Connor narrates these painful sequences of your favorite pro skaters bouncing off (and onto) various obstacles, even trashing a few expensive cameras in the process.

Aside from the standard "Skateboarding is very dangerous" warnings, they recommend you not watch this video if you're heading out the door to skate. Watching countless slams can be detrimental to a good session and is a constant reminder of the likely outcome of flesh -vs- pavement, metal and shrubbery. Skate at your own risk - don't be a pussy and blame (or sue) someone for your physical limitations and poor judgement. Slams are unavoidable much like death and taxes.

Speaking of taxes: H&R Block is the MOST expensive tax preparation service available. They wanted to charge me $150 more than I paid another firm the prior year. They also got into a lot of legal hassles around 2005 for ripping people off on refund advances. Avoid them - too costly and criminal!

You'll be clued in to some great terminology surrounding slams:

This is when you slam so hard on your face that your back arches backward as your legs strain to touch the back of your head.
Camera Hits
Fly-away boards often zero in on unwitting photographers, smashing their precious three thousand dollar cameras to pieces. Bummer d00d!
Head Slams
These result in red fluids seeping from various areas of ones brain-bucket.
Amature Collisions
Amature skaters often enter contests without a lot of experience. During your run, you have the place to yourself, but during practice, everyone is out there. Full speed collisions are frequent... and often amusing.

There is a cool segment on loops. Once you see someone complete it, it looks easier than it really is. The practice runs were done with very thick foam padding at the bottom of the loop (at 6 o'clock). The real deal involved no padding and an ambulance ride for one participant. Its quite stunning to see someone drop from 12 o'clock straight down to the bottom and land flat on their back. Yikes!

Ya gotta love Mike Vallely. Mike V collides with a BMXer who mistakenly crosses his line. Mike gives him a powerful shove and sends the rider and bike careening. Mike V rules!

We've all seen countless hand rail segments that meet a curb along which are parked cars. Ever wonder why they cut those takes so close to the skater's landing? many times its because either the skater or board smash into the cars. This usually results in more damage to the car than anything else, but to show it in a video might open one up to some legal proceedings. Large dents are often expensive to repair. There's plenty of footage of decks bouncing off of cars and windshields.

This video has special intermission built in. So if you need more food or a bathroom break, this is the time for it... unless you pause. But you have to recognize the intermission. Huh? All of a sudden more skating appears on-screen, but after a few moments, it becomes apparent that this is a coming attraction for another 411 Production. Um... ok. Kind of random.

Watching slams involves a lot of wincing along with a few laughs (guilty pleasure). My personal favorite is when a slam results in the skater's shoe flying up in the air. Actually, its a tie with that and the "scorpion".

A nice facet of this DVD is they give music credits. If you dig a tune, you can actually track it down. Cool.

The Bottom Line

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