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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Element's Elementality Vol. 1

Elementality Vol. 1 Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Five Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2005
Rating: 5 Stars

Bam Margera, Chris Senn, Colt Cannon, Jake Rupp, Jeremy Wray, Mike Vallely, Josh Townend, Vanessa Torres, Brent Atchley, Nyjah Huston.

This video changed my opinion of Element. They always seemed to come off as a crunchy kids company to me. Their roster of team members always seemed more impressive than their image... in my mind. I could never figure out how such a company could foster rebels like Bam and Mike V. yet still seem earthy and ethereal about environmental stuff. Well, screw that - I've changed my opinion.

I haven't outfitted myself with Element-wear, but this video gets a glowing review. I'll buy anything with Mike V. in it. He is a true skate hero with a savagely unique skate style and viewpoint on life - he rocks. Bam's part was stereotypical Bam - fast cars, awesome skating and full-on aggression. It's what he does best and he does it bigger than anyone else... from skating to attitude.

There's an introduction to the element brand, philosophy and team and takes you on tour across the U.S. and abroad with footage of the entire team.

The terrain they covered was awesome from bowls and ditches, to streets and roof-tops. There was even a short segment where the crew bailed a small bowl in record time thanks to a hefty amount of time delayed footage. Then they skated the hell out of it.

The segments are well filmed and many tricks are shown from multiple angles. With plenty of street, handrail and park footage, you can't go wrong with Elementality Volume 1. It has plenty of extras and makes its retail price easier to swallow and its replay value high.

Bonus stuff

  1. Elementality photo shoot
  2. Element team in Hawaii
  3. Nyjah Huston Tampa am footage
  4. YMCA Skate camp
  5. Mike V. and Collin Provost in Watts
  6. Frontline Skatepark
  7. Trailers and other upcoming Video projects

Another nice aside in the male dominated world of skateboarding is the Vanessa Torres footage. This girl rips and should be given props for her segment. It's tough in a guys world, but her skating holds up and is a cool addition to this disc.

The Bottom Line

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