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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Transworld's Free Your Mind

Transworld's Free Your Mind - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Jon Holland
Released: June 2003
Rating: 4 Stars

Dan Drehobl, Rob Welsh, Darrell Stanton, Frank Gerwer, Tony Trujillo, Henry Sanchez and Jason Phares.

Each rider gets a part in this somewhat formulaic video from Transworld. They've definitely tried to break out of the mold, but watching a half hour of music videos should stimulate a few new ideas. OK, they "interview" a few street whackos and try to break up the rider's parts with skits, but the humor falls short when you see Dan Drehobl killing it in his part.

After that, do I need to see a homeless guy ranting about this and that? If anyone from TWS reads this review... the answer would be NO.

HBO's "Taxicab Confessions" was funny. Drunken idiots get into cabs and start confessing to all sorts of oddities or they start having sex. Either way, it was fun to watch. I enjoy watching Tony Trujillo skate. I don't require a forced comedy skit in which he pretends to be a cab driver who picks up skaters and delivers them to skate spots. The cab skits were ridiculous and didn't add anything to the video. Worse, they didn't tie into anything we saw.

The TWS film crew might benefit from watching some of the old Bones Brigade videos. Stacy Peralta has a good sense of humor, knows how to make a point with humor AND he knows how to make a great film.

So, I'm doing an awful lot of bitching considering I'm giving this DVD a pretty good rating. All in all the excellent skating outweighs the feeble attempts at humor. There's some great talent on this disc and it shows in all the parts.

Bonus Stuff

From Ojai to AZ, Canada, eh?, Commercials, Deleted Cab Scenes, Raw footage of Dan Drehobl, Rob Welsh and Darrell Stanton.

Free Your Mind's Soundtrack

Section: Intro
Artist: PHD of Lower Life Form
Title: The Wash Instrumental
Label: Liphe Records

Section: 16mm Montage
Artist: Kinski
Title: Rhode Island Freakout
Album: Airs Above Your Station
Label: Sub Pop Records

Section: Freedom Beard
Artist: Mr. E
Title: Don't Let Em' Shut You Down

Section: Jim's Ramp
Artist: The Sadies
Title: Only Good One
Album: Pure Diamond Gold
Label: Bloodshot Records

Section: Dan Drehobl
Artist: The Zombies
Title: Time of the Season
Album: Odessey & Oracle: 30th Anniversary Edition
Label: Big Beat UK

Section: Ghost rider
Artist: Mr. E
Title: Funky

Section: 16mm desert
Artist: Appogee
Title: Coral
Album: Unconscious Ruckus
Label: Domo Records

Section: Rob Welsh
Artist: Cellski
Title: Frisco
Album: Collection
Label: Inner City 2000

Section: Da clown
Artist: Mr. E
Title: Clownin'

Section: Video montage
Artist: Mophono
Title: Smile 2002
Label: Mophono Recordings

Section: Darrell Stanton
Artist: Cymande
Title: Bra
Album: Cymande
Label: Collectables

Section: Credits #1
Artist: The Sadies
Title: A#1
Album: Stories Often Told
Label: Yep Roc Records

Section: Credits #2 Artist: Cumulonimbus
Title: Skunk
Album: Precipitation EP
Label: Ninja Tune Records

Section: Bonus: From Ojai to AZ
Artist: C Average
Title: Starhok
Album: Second Reckoning
Label: Kill Rock Stars

Section: Bonus: Canada eh?
Artist: The Amazing Verticalville
Title: Milkboy
Album: The Amazing Verticalville
Label: Slide The Needle

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