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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Greatest Extreme Tricks

Greatest Extreme Tricks DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review One Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2001
Rating: 1 Star

Richard Mulder, Rune Glifgerg, Adil Dyuani, Joey Puisifer, Eric Bork, Chris Gentry, Mike Vallely, Brian Dale, Donny Barley, Kris Markovich, Phil Hajal, Griogio Zattoni, Danny Way, Lairde Hamilton, Andy Hetzel, Dave Mirra, Biker Sherlock, Tj Lavin, Brian Keaulana, Tim "Fuzzy" Hall, Christian Fletcher.

Check out this crap:

From the back cover of the DVD:
Think it's magic? Think again! Greatest Tricks takes you around the world and on location to some of the most incredible sports tricks ever recorded. Watch in amazement as some of your favorite skateboarders, bikers, surfers, wakeboarders, and motocross racers perform unbelievable tricks, finessing their way through competitions and displaying the skills that make them legends.

Doug Henning the magician

I went to a magic show when I was a kid - Doug Henning was the star attraction - and at that age thought his show was hella cool. My mom took me to see him. He had long hair which struck me as very "rock & roll" and did some nifty tricks - rabbits in hats and so forth. Decades later I understand a little more about Illusion (stuff that never happened) and this DVD ain't magic - it's magically crappy.

First off, the word tricks in the title makes one believe that either we will see specific tricks or be instructed on replicating certain tricks. Broken down by each sport, there was at least one scene in a hospital where doctors are reattaching or repairing some part of someone's body. Very tricky.

What we have here are a series of repurposed clips organized by sport and put onto a DVD in the guise of an action sports flick. It seems to have more slams than tricks. If your best trick is falling off a Quad or flying over the handlebars of your bike when you land a jump, you aren't much of a rider. Everyone slams, but this video is just whacked.

The skateboard section is around 10 minutes of park and street footage, titled "Nose Slide Nollies" to try and entice us into thinking the producer knows anything about skateboarding. The first section is called the "Pre-Game Show" which is a series of commercials for other witless productions by these guys.

They have a section on the following sports:
BMX, Motocross, surfing, Snowboarding, Jet Ski, Inline Skating (Fruit Booting), Skateboarding, and Quads.


The Bottom Line

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