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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:GroundBreaking - The Story of the First Skate Plaza

GroundBreaking - The Story of the First Skate Plaza DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Kirk Dianda
Released: 2005
Rating: 4 Stars

Rob Dyrdek,

This documentary is part skate video and part instructional video, outlining how Rob Dyrdek and DC Shoes designed and built a 40,000 square foot skate plaza in Kettering, OH. Being Rob's home town, Kettering came to him to help design a skate plaza for the local skaters. At the time, it was the first project of this magnitude designed expressly for skaters.

Selling for a whopping $3.00, the purpose to this DVD is to disseminate information - how to get a skate plaza constructed in your town. It features some great skating by pros, locals and those who traveled for hours just for the privilege of being there on day 1. The true value is seeing the plaza being constructed and all the bonus materials on how to replicate the process. Having been done once, there's no reason more cities can't replicate the success.

On June 11, 2005 Rob's dream of creating the first skate plaza in the U.S. became a reality as numerous pro skaters and thousands of fans descended on the plaza to skate during it's grand opening. As Rob put it, "Not a skatepark, but a park to skate in" - and that's what separates this project from others. the skate plaza replicates the look of a city park, but is designed to be skated (dawn to dusk, free of charge, pads optional).

Every city should take heed of what Kettering did and follow suit. Give the people a valid place to skate and they will skate it.

Anyone who wants a park or plaza in their town should get this DVD and send copies of it to the Mayor and every other political power in town. Make it happen!

Bonus Stuff

The Bottom Line

Check out our article on the Skate Plaza in Kettering, OH.

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