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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Skatopia's Hillbilly Dream Tour

Skatopia's Hillbilly Dream Tour - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2006
Rating: 4 Stars

Joe Wartes, Dan Fluharty, Gabe Friedman, Micah Friedman, Brandon Martin, Andy Wagner, Brewce Martin, Morgan Burgess, Jim Gagne, Erik Dillenger, Finley, Donhulr Lynn, Arto Saari, Carter Dennis, Ryan Flores, Remy Straton, Matt Dove, Benji Galloway.

To view and or review anything produced by Skatopia, you have to understand a little bit of what they are about. However you define skateboarding and fun - they do so DIFFERENTLY. This isn't a bad thing, just something you should be aware of. Fun for you might be playing a prank on a friend and finding a new sk8 spot. For Skatopians, fun might be setting your car on fire, seducing your Mom and building a new indoor half pipe. See the difference? Insanity rules at Skatopia.

Skatopia sign

Skatopia is a skatepark located outside of Rutland, OH. Established in 1995, Skatopia now celebrates more than ten years of skateboarding, parties, and anarchy. Many ramps have been completed onsite including the Epcot Beam, Lula bowl, and the new kidney. Skatopia also houses the Museum of Skateboard History including over 12,000 pieces of skateboard heritage. All of it is taken care of by professional skateboarder Brewce Martin, and his staff of loyal volunteers.

Even though the Skatopia skatepark is situated on 80+ acres of land, the need to get out and see the world is still a relevant endeavor. Hence the Hillbilly Dream Tour. Hitching an ancient camper/trailer to an equally ancient Cadillac (or similar pimp-wagon) made up the transportation of Skatopia's CIA skate team to venture out and raise Hell elsewhere.

In addition to the travels of the team, you'll see some of the insane antics that occur at Skatopia and carry over to the Dream Tour. Hang on tight and be glad that isn't your car being towed around on fire.

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