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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Transworld's I.E.

Transworld I.E. DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Studio: Redline Entertainment
Released: 2000
Rating: 4 Stars

Mark Appleyard, Rob Dyrdek, Daewon Song, Diego Bucchieri, Anthony Pappalardo and Caine Gayle.

The nice thing about magazine videos, as opposed to those made by manufacturers and their own sponsored riders, is you get to see a cool mix of skaters all on one DVD. It mixes things up.

I don't want to go off on a tangent here, but did you know that David Hasselhoff (yeah, the Baywatch & Knight Rider d00d) has released 12 albums in Europe? I knew Europeans worship him as a pop icon, but that's a lot of wasted vinyl or whatever they make CDs out of these days. And worse is that 6 of these atrocities have gone platinum. Who's buying this stuff?!?

Daewon gets yelled at by some guy who doesn't appreciate him skating across the flat roof tops. This guy is even more pissed that Daewon and his crew have dragged several benches onto the roof and are using them to slide over the gap between roofs. Speaking of which... that'd be a nasty fall from way up there.

I love footage of security guards and I.E. doesn't disappoint there either. The elderly guard himself isn't very amusing, but the skater he's trying to discourage accuses him of throwing rocks at his head. He starts rolling around on the ground as if in extreme pain. Classic!

I almost forgot to mention that the skating in I.E. is awesome. This is a great disc with a lot of street-style variety.

i.e.'s Soundtrack

Section: Intro
Artist: Rachel's
Title: Rhine & Courtesan
Album: The Sea and the Bells
Label: Quarter Stick

Section: Opening Song
Artist: Built to Spill
Title: Stab
Album: There's Nothing Wrong With Love
Label: Up Records

Section: Daewon Song
Artist: Mr. Dibbs
Title: Skin Therapy

Section: Mark Appleyard
Artist: The Sea and Cake
Title: The Argument
Album: Fawn
Label: Thrill Jockey Records

Section: 16mm Part
Artist: Sunny Day Real Estate
Title: Tearing in My Heart
Album: The Rising Tide
Label: Time Bomb

Section: Anthony Pappalardo
Artist: Mr. Dibbs
Title: I Hate Greg

Section: Rob Dyrdek & Caine Gayle
Artist: DJ Dno
Title: The TF Track

Section: Stress Part
Artist: Tristeza
Title: Opiate Slopes
Album: Dream Signals in Full Circles
Label: Tiger Style Records

Section: Diego Bucchieri
Artist: Turing Machine
Title: Robotronic
Album: A New Machine for Living
Label: Jade Tree Records

Section: Credits
Artist: Atiba
Title: Ah Yeah #9

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