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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Suicide Girls: The First Tour

Suicide Girls: The First Tour - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2004
Rating: 4 Stars

Nixon, Ravenisis, Shera, London Suicide, Nixon Suicide, Sicily Suicide, Stormy Suicide, Pearl, Reagan, Sicily, Missy Suicide, Shera Suicide, Snow Suicide, Tegan.

Virtually everything can be portrayed in a sexual manner - and I mean everything. Can punk rock girls with mohawks and a saucy burlesque routine fit the bill? Darn right!

What Playboy magazine was to the 1950's, Suicide Girls is to the new millennium: a revolutionary lifestyle brand that combines the DIY attitude of underground culture with a vibrant, sex-positive community. Born of a website that allowed girls of a "different" nature to display pix and bios of themselves, came the Suicide Girls. They redefine sexy - one strut at a time - and have fun doing it. Hmmm... sounds like skateboarding - doing your own thing and having a blast doing it.

In 2004, 10 Suicide Girls travelled 9000 miles around the U.S. to perform 60 sold out burlesque shows in 45 cities. This is the story of their first tour. This 110 min documentary features live performances, behind the scenes photo shoots, tour antics and music from over 30 of their favorite bands. The Suicide Girls founder, Missy Suicide, appears in segments filmed during photo shoots, having the time of her life guiding this growing brand. In between performances, interviews with the girls reveal the post-feminist ethos of this striptease empire, in which self-confidence, creativity, and personal ambition are hailed as the motivating factors behind why they enjoy taking their clothes off in front of a camera.

Not exactly your stereotypical beauties, the Suicide Girls define their beauty beyond the physical. Their attitudes are what make them gorgeous (they ARE beautiful by any standard, they simply want more than to be ogled). Ok, some of them really want to be ogled.

If you're wondering why this DVD wound up here for review, there is a sk8 side to it all. Foundation Skateboard Co. released the Suicide Girl series of decks (below). So far there have been two series of these decks.

This DVD won't appeal to everyone. It's sort of like girl-power on steroids... with nudity. Just as women are coming up in the ranks of professional skateboarding, it's vital to broaden the spectrum and recognize that powerful women exist in all facets of life. Sometimes you just have to look around harder. The SG chicks are pretty hard to miss, but their enthusiasm and ingenuity makes them a hot item and a cool brand. How many people do you know who have created a brand around themselves.

Suicide Girl skateboard decks

Go skate, girls... and buy this DVD!

The Bottom Line

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