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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Red Dragon's Skateboard Party

Red Dragon's Skateboard Party - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Five Star skateboard DVD review rating

Studio: Red Dragon Productions
Released: 2005
Rating: 5 Stars

Mike Hastie, Ryan Oughton, Colin McKay, Rob Boyce, Moses Itkonen, Paul Machnau, Gailea Momolu, Russ Milligan, Ryan Smith, Caine Gayle, Danny Way, Arron Johnson, Paul Trep, Sean Hayes, Glenn Suggitt, Jason Ellis, Rob Dyrdek, Tony Hawk, Bucky Lasek, Sheldon Meleshinski, Mike Chalmers, Gordie and Tom Green.

Skateboard Party is a collection of skate footage from the 2004 Red Dragons (RDS) skate tour, making up the second skateboarding video from RDS. It's a mix of awesome skate clips and partying. It opens with Tom Green trashing a mirrored closet door and they guys smack him around over it. I didn't know he still had a career... interesting. Aboard two boats the team go to an island, with a lot of beer, to celebrate the finish of their 2004 tour.

As they build a bonfire, they quickly realize how hard it is to chop down a tree with a hatchet. Fire blazing and beer flowing the skate clips begin. Jason Ellis seems like a cool guy. I'd party with a maniac like that. He's shown riding a bowl with 2 bikini-clad chicks in snorkel gear (complete with flippers). Next we find him sport fishing and reeling in a shark - cool. Not content with the mere catch, Ellis holds the shark's beating heart in his hand and takes a bite. Yum.

Red Dragon Logo

I'm not a fan of slam-reels, but Sean Hayes bailed a grind and skidded across a walkway into a ground-level fountain pool. Soaked from head to toe a spectator witnesses the whole thing as Sean climbs out of the water and shakes himself off on the guy. Classic move - well executed.

I'm a huge fan of security guard footage or any footy that includes an angry authority figure and a clever skater. The guys get chased from a spot by just such a fat lunk. Interested to learn more of their tangle with trespassing the one guy moves in and asks questions. The fat lunk begins moving away at which point this back is doused with ketchup. Not realizing the condiment addition to his backside (coat and pants) he sits in his car. I don't know about you , but I always keep a bottle of squeezable ketchup in my sk8 bag.

Overall, there's a great mix of mayhem, skating and wild fun. I wish this flick was longer!

Hey, was that Andy Macdonald dressed up like a fat blonde chick and dropping in?

Bonus Stuff

There's a feature called "Carcass Huck", where you see guys slam. There's also a feature called "Parks and Demos", with clips from the RDS tour of local skate parks, where they get harassed, and you see them toss a skateboard to a pack of ravenous kids, who beat each other over it. The DVD case lists these bonus extras and says, "And much much more..." Cry foul if you must, but there's isn't any more. Just those two.

The Bottom Line

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