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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Stand Strong - On the Road With Mike Vallely

Stand Strong - On the Road With Mike Vallely - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Five Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Mark Nisbet
Studio: 411VM
Released: 2000
Rating: 5 Stars

Mike Vallely, Kristian Svitak, Daewon Song, Stacy Lowery, Bam Margera, Salman Agah, Jason Adams, Meal Mims, Rick McCrank, Ed Templeton, Arto Saari, Luis Cruz and Jesse Fritsch.

Mike Vallely has to be the most passionate skateboarder on the planet. Let's rephrase that... Mike Vallely has more passion for skateboarding than anyone else on the planet. Ok, that's it. He believes that skateboarding saved him from a life of trouble on the wrong side of the law and he loves promoting skateboarding as a form of individualism and creativity. He's the only guy I can think of who can session a curb for hours on end and still keep it fresh. His style is as unique as his approach to life.

Film maker, Mark Nisbet followed Mike for 5 months during the summer of 2000. Beginning at the Slam City Jam in May and ending with the 17-day tour of Australia in september. Mike opted to visit places where he feels the skaters are skating for the sake of skateboarding. He avoided the large arena-style contests, opting for skate parks and demos across the globe.

During that summer he visited Long Beach, CA, Helsinki & Tammer Finland, Woodward, PA and Canberra & Brisbane & Gosford Australia. The booklet enclosed with the DVD outlines his travel itinerary. Several interviews were shown in which Mike speaks out on his philosophy on matters. "Life is about respect," he says. "Frontier justice" is his thought on security guards - or anyone - who oversteps their boundaries. When the police are treating you unfairly, who do you go to? Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands... something Mike is eminently aware of.

When asked about his favorite place to skate, Mike responded, "Wherever I am." He loves to skate and makes the most of wherever he happens to be at the moment. Cool attitude.

In one segment, Jesse Fritsch tells about growing up with a ramp in his yard and how much the neighbor, across the street, hated it. Apparently, they complained a lot about noise. After the ramps were gone, Jesse made a large (ugly) pig that sat in the front yard looking at the neighbor's house. It's eyes where sk8 wheels and they lit up an night. NOW they have to constantly look at the pig. Maybe the ramps weren't so bad after all.

Through the numerous scenes of Mike skating different parks and demos, his commitment and passion for skating is obvious. He gives his all regardless of the scene. He says he remembers when pros came to his town and how much he looked forward to the event. He can't imagine disappointing his fans when they know he's coming to skate. He feels like he owes them a great show.

Bonus Stuff

Mike's interview with Henry Rollins, lots of skate footage, journal entries, photo gallery, Stand Strong trailers, a day in the life with Mike Vallely and the Accel road trip.

The Bottom Line

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