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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:NSI's Streetstyle In Tempe

NSI's Streetstyle In Tempe - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Studio: Native Son International (NSI)
Released: 1986
Rating: 4 Stars

Jesse Martinez, Christian Hosoi, Bill Danforth, Natas Kaupas, Steve Rocco, Rob Roskopp, Chris Cook, John Grigley, John Thomas, Jonee Kop, Gary Davis, Gary Sanderson, John Lucero, Eric Dressen, Lester Kasai, Neil Blender, Bryce Kanights, Tim McGuire, Marty "Jinx" Jimenez and many more...

NSI crams us into the Way-Back machine where Sherman & Mr. Peabody boot us out in Tempe Arizona 1986 for the Bare Cover Festival of Sports. Sounds pretty lame, eh? This is another retro classic brought back to life via DVD. It features highlights of the NSA street contest in Tempe. Anyone with old school roots or interest, this is a great vid that really captures the street contest scene of the time.

The camera zooms in on a large half pipe in a stadium and promptly pans to the parking lot outside where the street course is set up. Damn! I wanted to see some vert. Oh well. Plenty of street and freestyle to be sopped up on this vid. Many big names of the era show up in either bright day-glow garb or shirtless.

Its interesting to see the diversity of talent. Some guys just pushed around the course while others attacked it! Its awesome to see Martinez, Hosoi, Kaupas and Grigley tearing it up, but the primary thing about this contest is Neil Blender's run. In a one-time-only event, a lackluster Blender heads out on his run pushing around the course until he winds up at the vertical wall. He stops and spray-paints a face on the wall. That was his run - Classic!

It was hard to determine a clear winner, but Hosoi's showmanship may have helped push him ahead of the others. He popped big airs off the launch ramp in classic Hosoi style.

If you love the 80's and the skate scene at that time, this is really a cool video to own. If you're not down with the retro vibe, this sort of flick will probably enrage you. It's very old school. We love that stuff and soak it up, but if you're all about big handrails, keep shopping, this won't satisfy you.

The Bottom Line

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