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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:The Weenabago Projekt 2 - Crossing America

The Weenabago Projekt 2 - Crossing America - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Tosh Townend & Kristian McCue
Studio: Kristian McCue Productions
Released: 2008
Rating: 3 Stars

Tosh Townend, Chris Senn, Neen Williams, Pat Pasquale, Jared Hagger, Bart Jones, Cody Hagger, Adam Conway, James Wilschke, Kristian Mcue, Rocky Hudson, Scante McSaacante, Ian Reid, Angel Ramirez, Windsor James, and more...

I liked the first Weenabago Projekt DVD. It was a fun miscellaneous journey down the west coast with a group of friends that documented all the weird stuff that happened. The sequel, Crossing America, seemed very short and rushed. At only 25 minutes, that's exactly what it was. Another rental van heads across the U.S. through 15 states with 8 city stops. OK, lets divide 25 minues by eight cities... That's a bout 3 minutes per city. Math isn't my forte, but that seems a little short.

Weenabago Projekt 2 starts with the crew being pulled over by cops with a K9 unit. The cop pooch hops into the van and goes nuts at the camera. It seemed like we were off to a good start. They first hit Las Vegas and moved East stopping in Salt Lake City, Denver, Kansas City, Chicago, Philadelphia and finished in New York City.

Tosh wound up in jail in Denver and the deft security forces in Kansas City gave the crew a good chase. Security guards seem pretty aggressive these days- giving chase and tackling the camera guy. I guess civil rights are a lost cause in the thriving metropolises of Kansas. They had an autograph signing at a mall in Philly. Nothing ruins a good day of shopping at the mall like encountering thousands of screaming skateboard fanatics. People were going crazy including one kid who jumped off the second floor balcony, onto a shop's roof below, to retrieve a skate deck that was tossed over the side.

I've never driven across the country, but even flying from NY to LA should generate enough interesting stuff to fill more than 25 minutes worth of footage. There isn't much in the bonus area to compensate for the paltry video length.

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