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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Zero's Anthology

Zero's Anthology DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Five Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Jamie Thomas
Studio: Black Box, Inc.
Released: 2006
Rating: 5 Stars

Adrian Lopez, Scott Copalman, Wade Burkitt, Erik Ellington, Aaron Harrison, Matt Mumford, Jamie Thomas, Ryan Bobier, Jim Greco, Jud Ferguson, John Rattray, Chris Cole, Ryan Smith, Jon Allie, Lindsey Robertson, Garrett Hill, Tony Cervantes, James Brockman, Tommy Sandoval and Sheldon Meleshinski, Ben gilley, Keenan Sauder, Elissa Steamer.

Zero Skateboards celebrates 10 years with the release of Anthology, a 5-disc DVD box set containing all Four of their previously released videos and a preview disc of tings to come.

The first 2 Zero flicks (Thrill of it All -and- Misled Youth) were formerly released only on VHS. This is their first appearance on DVD complete with new bonus stuff. That alone should stoke you on buying this gem.

A word of warning about purchasing Zero's Anthology...
You must have it - no question there - but be careful of the price. Most online retailers (in March 2007) are offering it for about $60. My local shop was selling it for $80! Forget that. I waited until they had sold no copies and they let me have it for $50.

If you already own Dying to Live -or- New Blood, then buying the anthology at an inflated price makes even less sense. I'm sure this is a somewhat limited release, so don't break the bank on it, but don't let opportunity slip away either. Buying it on ebay next year will likely cost and arm and a leg... maybe even an internal organ.

Promo Disc

The fifth disc in this set is only a short preview of things to come from Zero. Most notably their first female rider, Elissa Steamer. She's shown briefly among the other rider parts.

Zero's Anthology consists of:

Zero's Thrill Of It All DVD
1997's Thrill Of It All

Zero Skull Logo

Zero's Misled Youth DVD
1999's Misled Youth

Zero's Dying To Live - DVD
2002's Dying To Live

Zero's New Blood DVD
2005's New Blood

The Bottom Line

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