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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Zoo York's Welcome to Zoo York City (Promo DVD)

Zoo York's Welcome to Zoo York City - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2006
Rating: 4 Stars

Zered Bassett, Aaron Suski, Donny Barley, Kevin Taylor, Forrest Kirby, Brandon Westgate, Matt Miller, Anthony Shetler, Larare Hemmings, Ron Deily.

This review is based on the promotional DVD packed in with a Sk8 magazine.

Dedicated to the memory of Harold Hunter, the Welcome to Zoo York City promo disc highlights new riders, Aaron Suski, Anthony Shetler and Brandon Westgate. The whole team have small parts and are featured in the montage, but this promo lets the new guys shine. Each of the three gets a nice chunky part.

Don't underestimate this little promo venture... It has a lot of great extras in addition to the three main parts.

New York City is a cool town. Larger than some countries, it can be a bit overwhelming when you stand in the midst of towering buildings, incredible commerce and homeless whackos of every variety. It's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. Just a personal thing - no offense.

When it comes to skating, NYC has immense diversity and the Zoo York team finds the spots. Tired of the endless beaches and sunny palm tree laden streets of southern CA? NYC is the cure. Gritty, dirty and equally endless are its sights, sounds and smells. Nothing smells like a NYC subway in the middle of Summer.

Seeing a city morph over time is an astounding thing to witness. You hear about people who bought homes in lavish neighborhoods only to watch crime creep close until their homes are ghetto centric and property values tumble. Sucks.

But there are all sorts of changes that can take place. Times Square looks more like Disney Land than the porn and hooker infested area of just a decade ago. But now, Times Square giants like Virgin's Mega Store and Tower Records are gone - gone the way of capital greed and corporate insanity. 9/11 certainly brought its share of changes. Everyone is a terror suspect and flying out of LGA is an act of bravery (just making it past security in time to catch a flight is a feat).

Street vendors. Some get permits, some sit on milk crates until chased away. Buy a $4 soda and a $15 Rolex. How about some bootleg DVDs? If you're hungry you can always find a hotdog or pretzel vendor nearby - and don't those little metal containers full of condiments look tasty? Yum! How old is that?

I once visited a McDonalds (as in Ronald, Grimace and the Hamburgler) that was pimped out to include a guy in a tux playing a grand piano and servers who would carry your tray from the counter to your table of choice. I've also seen people blow their nose in the street sans tissue. It's a nice place to visit...

Although shot in several locations, I love seeing the streets of New York in a sk8 vid. Perhaps I'm an East Coast snob. I like shoveling snow and seeing the seasons change. As skating is a global endeavor, the East Coast should be recognized as part of the globe, right? Anyway...

Did you know that Zoo York has a BMX team? I didn't, but I discovered this fact on this promo DVD. Diversity is well served on this disc. It whets our appetite for more of the feature footage, it showcases the whole team, it shows quite a bit of BMX footy and it includes a lot of tour footage from europe. They even have a post-credits segment with a cool assortment of footy. All in all, this DVD does EXACTLY what a promo DVD should... and it was free. Well done ZY!

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