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Traci Lords - 1,000 Fires

Five Star Rating Traci Lords - 1,000 Fires skateboarding skatebaord music CD review

Traci Lords - 1,000 Fires:
It must be hard to be at the top of your game as a 17-year old porn star and try desperately to find a career in a world that judges so harshly (and usually hypocritically). Finding her way into B-movies and television roles as an actress, Traci Lords left her porn career in the dust and then decided to release a techno CD.

There are two kinds of people who will buy this album. Those who are curious to see what sort of CD an ex-porno queen can create and those who hope to find nude pictures mixed in with the liner notes. SURPRISE! Traci Lords put out (pun intended, Beavis) a killer techno disc. I kid you not. Check for yourself - Traci can rock.



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