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Day One Skate Shop & Art Space

605 Brewster St.
Bridgeport, CT 06605


Located near Exit 24 from Interstate 95.

With a friendly atmosphere and diverse product line, Day One is becoming my favorite sk8 shop even though its 200 miles from my house. (I'm not completely neurotic - I pass through the area regularly). The owner, Jeff, stocks major brands as well as a good selection of local brands and always has a well stocked DVD case with the latest major releases and hard-top-find indy stuff.

But... what the Hell is an artspace???
Good question. Technically, it's a space that contains art. As you enter the shop the decks are on one wall and artwork hangs on the facing wall. Don't think museum. It's rotating art, not stagnant wall decor. Day One tracks down interesting artists and shows their work. On one of my visits, a sk8 artist had numerous framed works alongside the skate decks they were adapted to. Very cool stuff.

Many towns, mine included, have a thing called First Friday which reserves the first Friday of each month as an open-house to the public. If you haven't heard of this phenomenon, don't worry. Typically, these events are in boutiques and antique shops that always have that "je ne sais quoi" piece-of-shit item that will look wonderful on your credenza for a mere $1,400. You don't expect a skate shop to participate in First Friday.

Day One isn't your typical skate shop and they mix things up in a really cool way. Go check ‘em out in B'port and online.

April 2007 Photos

Day One Skate Shop Day One Skate Shop Day One Skate Shop Day One Skate Shop

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