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November 2006

Bearing Gaskets If you've ever had the misfortune of visiting the monkey house at the zoo, you may recall the stench. Monkeys have some sort of etiquette disorder that prompts them to fling poop at things they don't like - such as wide-eyed zoo visitors. Thankfully, most modern zoos have clear walls separating you from a face-full of monkey crap. Imagine if that wall were not there and a barrage of angry monkeys began flinging their feces at you. You'd duck and get the hell outta there. You wouldn't stand there with your mouth open.

With that scenario in mind, lets talk about your skateboard bearings. Do you like speed? Do you like a smooth solid ride? Your bearing play a big roll in both. I've read of several pro skaters encouraging people to remove the gaskets and shielding to make the ride louder. Louder!?! WTF??

Inviting dirt and grime into your bearings is tantamount to letting monkeys toss sh*t into your mouth. Get it? Don't remove the gaskets or shielding from your bearings. Maybe you should go put more baseball cards in the spokes of your bike... loser!

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