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2006 Skate the Planet Skateboarding Blog Article

November 2006

Big Business -vs- Skateboarding You may have heard of Consolidated Skateboard's "war on Big Business" at their website Don't Do It Army. As a skateboarder and a father I want my son to have the opportunity to enjoy skateboarding as much as I do... if not more. Big Business is eager to capitalize on the spending power of skaters. As they enter the board-sport arena, one of the prime issues is their inferior products.

Independent skate shops have put their blood, sweat and tears into creating the sk8 industry we enjoy today. Would those watching Evel Knievel jump the fountains at Caesar's Palace, in the late 60's, be able to fathom the Mega Ramp or Burnquist's Grand Canyon leap? Would sidewalk surfers of the 70's believe their fun could become the X-Games? The progression of skateboarding comes from those who are/were a part of it. It's unique culture is bred from the diversity of those whose lives were embodied by a need to ride. Big Business is passionless and greedy.

The skateboard for sale at Walmart, Toys R Us or Dick's Sporting Goods is not the same as the one at your independent skate shop. The indy shop carries quality products and can offer a wealth of information about them. They'll retain your business as a satisfied customer. Big Business plays the numbers game. By selling a cheaper (inferior) product, they hope to lure more shoppers to their stores. Everyone has the right to make money and fair trade is an excellent concept, but as consumers (and skaters) we need to support indy shops and not buy inferior products from box-stores.

A complete skateboard from big Business can cost less than a set of wheels from an indy shop. The issue is quality - the lack of. Think about all the kids who want a skateboard this holiday season and the large number of clueless parents and grand-parents who will unwittingly go to a toy store to buy that skateboard. The message needs to get out about quality products and the safety hazards of riding an inferior skateboard.

Visit the Don't Do It Army and download their flyers. Print out a bunch of them and keep them in your car, backpack or purse. Every time you encounter inferior boards at a toy store or box-store, leave a couple of flyers on the shelf. Get the word out! YOU own skateboarding and YOU can help to shape it's future!

Everyone wants to be rich... but at what cost?

Even if you're not a skateboarder (and if you're not, thanks for reading all this) Big Business can do to your industry what it is trying to do to skateboarding. Think about your industry and how it could be undermined by inferior products and aggressive bulk pricing.

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