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November 2006

Blank Decks I've read a few posts here and there about blank decks and how they vanquish the soul of skateboarding. I agree that board graphics play a big role in my decision to buy a new deck, but let's not forget about what skateboarding's soul really is. It's you, me and everyone else who ventures onto a sk8 and how we gain from the experience and give back to it.

Skaters tend to have well developed artistic skills (I'm the deviation from this theory, but that doesn't stop me). I'd never buy a blank deck to save money on building a new set-up. Hell no! But from an artistic perspective, I think everyone should ply their artistic talents to a blank deck. A new "canvas", if you think about it. From traditional painting to sculpture and furniture design, blank decks can be an integral part that allows the creative freedom to flow. So, go snag a blank and render it amazing with your artistic virtues. Make a unique one-of-a-kind creation.

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