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November 2006

Death of DVD? Now that you've had ample time to pass all that Thanksgiving turkey back to the environment (Happy Turkey-Day, btw), here's a topic that's pissing me off...

People are beginning to ask if the DVD format is dead. WTF?!? Isn't it the only living format today? Apparently some are considering internet video as the impending DVD-killer. I have news for those with this delusion... No fucking way! The popularity of You-Tube and its purchase by the alleged non-evil-doers of Google is making some people thing that DVD is on the way out.

Bullshit, I say! Don't get me started about Blue-Ray and other competing formats, lets just look at what DVD offers. Amazing clarity. Full screen viewing on whatever size TV you have. And a massive catalog of titles that fly off the shelves faster than music CDs. I'll admit its fun to see some sort of horrific mishap posted to You-Tube or some kid's latest sponsor me atrocity, but internet videos are small, blurry, grainy and have to be watched on a computer.

If I want to watch a sk8 vid, I'm gonna kick back in a comfy chair, beer in hand, and watch on my TV - it's only a 27-inch, but it beats the Hell outta watching a 3-inch video window on a computer monitor. And what about mainstream movies? Do you want to watch those in a tiny computer window? Add in home theater products. Your living room's TV offers a lot more than those grainy computer vids.

Internet video is free, they say. I pay for my internet connection, what's free about that. Even on broadband, it takes a few hours to DL a flick. Betamax was better than VHS, Laser Disc surpassed that and now we have DVD... which by the way is here to stay... until something BETTER comes along. Internet video ain't it and neither is video-on-demand. When I "demand" to see Animal Chin or some random porn flick, who do I demand that from? My local cable co? Don't think so.

DVD is alive... death to grainy internet vids and on-demand crap! Thanks for listening (or reading).

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