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December 2006

X-mas: The Gift of Sk8 One summer I bought my friend's son a toy skateboard for $10. He was only 2 years old and stoked to have a sk8 like his Dad had. Obviously, it wasn't designed to be ridden or really used in any serious manner. I just thought it might be fun for him while we were vacationing at the beach - which it was. But I also felt guilty.

Now that I have a son of my own; 1½ years old. I wanted to get him a skateboard for Christmas. He's been knee-boarding on several of my decks since late summer, so I thought he'd like a sk8 of his own. I'd already outfitted him with a helmet and knee & elbow pads. I also also bought him a talking Elmo doll, a frog-on-wheels pull-toy and the "Goodnight Gorilla" book, so you can see that I'm not a hard-core maniac trying to breed the next Tony Hawk.

But the guilty feeling about that cheap sk8 came back to haunt me. I had to buy a real skateboard for Max. He's used mine, but they're a little big. Fortunately, retro is in! I found him an Arbor complete featuring a small (narrow) 70's era slalom deck, Randal trucks and Arbor wheels (70mm/78a). Every kid should be so lucky, eh?

He loved it and it's the perfect height for knee-boarding and butt-boarding.

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