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October 2006

Odd Timing So, I was about to start writing an angry "letter to the Editor" regarding the deplorable stat of my local skatepark in Chatham, MA. I'm driving by the other day and what do I see? New ramps!

I knew better than to get too excited. They might be Sun Ramps or some cheap crap. I stopped by yesterday and discovered they are pre-fab ARC (American Ramp Co.) ramps. I'd prefer to have huge wooden ramps built as a community-building exercise, but these things aren't too bad. Much better than the rotting crap that has sat there for years.

From what I can tell they installed the Pro model stuff with the durable metal surface. Hopefully this will endure the New England winter and not be a rusted piece of crap by next year. I'm also counting on those metal surfaces to quickly heat up and melt away the snow. I'm not waiting for Spring to hit the new ramps!

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