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December 2006

Skateboarding is Still a Crime I have to admit I enjoy Van Halen's 1984 a little more than George Orwell's. George presented a reality a little too frightening for daily consumption, unlike Eddie's average guitar solo - very enjoyable. But, what happens when the two collide in the digital world?

Suppose you are at work and you crave some "Eruption" to boost your day. You left that CD at home so you decide to download the song. Your quest for hammer-on bliss is cut short by a message stating your port request was denied - no streaming aloud. WTF!?! Yep, George's 1984 notion has just landed in your lap. Your company is spying on you and dictating what you can and cannot view.

This is censorship. Censorship in any form is evil.

Intrigued, none the less, you experiment. blocked! blocked! blocked! Strangely, is wide open. I guess online shopping is appropriate in the workplace. From Playboy, I just wanted to order a pair of boxers and I was hoping 2600 had some hats for sale from their last conference.

But it gets stranger. Casual searches will yield blocked results. I was searching for a new template for a quarter pipe (that's a skateboard ramp for the paranoids who saw the word "pipe" and wanted to block my access to hydroponic marijuana growing info). I clicked on a search result for "skateboard ramp template" and was presented with an ugly white screen (can't these guys spend 2 minutes to make a decent looking warning screen?) stating the site was blocked due to it containing, "Criminal Skills". I checked out the cached version that I could view and it was indeed a page on how to build a half pipe (another sk8 ramp, you paranoids).

I'll leave the deducing to you, but it seems clear to me that skateboarding is still a crime! lol.

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