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October 2006

Tower Records Visit With the demise of Tower Records (the whole chain is being liquidated... by some assholes who don't know shit about music) I felt compelled to take my son there for one last visit before they're all gone. He's only 18 months old, but down the road I want to be able to show him that Dad took him to some cool places (and some educational ones as well). I asked one of the employees to snap a pic of us in front of a Tower display.

I was a huge fan of the Village location in NYC. When Tower opened in Stamford, CT I was in heaven - I lived down the street. I spent countless dollars there over the years and am very sad - and angry - to see the whole chain dissolve. Are we supposed to go to Walmart for music now? I don't even like BestBuy! It's insane. Box-stores SUCK!
Try Newbury Comics for your music fix.

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