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April 2007 Skateboard Blog Post

April Fool?? I'm not a fan of April fool's Day. Idiotic pranks and falsehoods designed to elicit horrific responses seem lame once you pass age 12. Still they persist. On the other hand, there are some things you'd like to attribute to such a holiday rather than believe the alleged "truth".

This screenshot is from the home-page of the website. This is what you call back-peddling...
screenshot from the A World Without Pros website
If you've followed the sk8 industry's claims about their demise due to shop decks and blanks, then you have to wonder about this claim. They've taken down the site and simply left this banner.

The original site had interviews with several prominent company owners and skaters (Tony Hawk among them) talking about how money spent on non-pro decks is ruining the sk8 industry. This whole campaign has erupted into a nonsensical argument creating a lot of in-fighting. Why attack others in the industry rather than band together to solve the problem?

If Blitz really believed in this argument, why remove the site? Why not leave it there to elicit more comments or "educate" those who visit it? If you believe in something, the last thing you do is back down. I'm guessing there was sufficient backlash against those pros who agreed to post there comments, that they asked for it to be removed. Few things are worse for business than shitting on those who actually support you by re-selling your products.
Wouldn't you rather play Atari's Missile Command than T.H.U.G.? lol. Makes you wonder.

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