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Slap Me, Amadeus (or Bam) Bueno Skateboarding ad - Football is for idiots Falco's one-hit-wonder?
I sometimes watch the Superbowl to see if any of the commercials are cool. For a couple of million bucks each, you'd think they'd be great. Bud Light did one in which they replaced the congratulatory ""hand-bump" with a slap across the face. Pretty funny, but the controversy is much funnier.

A comedy troupe, The Whitest Kids U'Know, claims they did the same thing on their website a while back. They even have an attorney to attempt to extract some cash from the King of Beer. Good luck, assholes. Anyway...

I think it's important to realize that "congratulatory face-slapping" was pioneered in 1999 (maybe earlier) by Bam Margera and his CKY series of pre-Jackass skits. Even today, skaters who get his autograph can't pass up the opportunity to let the master jackass give ‘em a good slap across the face.

In the midst of all this debate, Bueno Skateboards says it best, "Football is for idiots."

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