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October 2007 Skateboard Blog Post

Calling All Lizards The Dec. '07 issue of Skateboarder magazine has a sick interview with Lizard King. This guy is insane and gave up a crazy interview - check it out. I never knew too much about him - and still don't - but seeing him in sk8 vids... he kills. Anyway...

In this interview, he gives out his cell phone number [801-953-3398] - yeah, I called it - saying he loses his cell phone a few times per month, so why not give out the number. He said he wanted kids to call up and say, Hey. That's pretty cool. The problem is that getting a replacement cell phone doesn't mean you get a new number each time. I've lost phones and the replacement is just put on the same account. If you lose your house keys... you don't buy a new house. WTF?

I hope he's prepared to be annoyed by kids until he retires that number. Pick up the mag and read this interview. You won't see one this good for a long time!

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