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Separation of Church and Rape I'm glad there is a separation between religion and politics, but how did anal-rape get so ingrained in modern religion?

I envisioned kids fleeing over the hills in stampedes of mammoth proportion. Looks of abject despair on their faces as they ran. But where to? Away from the priestly pervs. To ease their confusion, government funded Skate Programs would enlist volunteers to generously hand out skateboards and offer them freedom through shredding.
But the stampede never came.

I'd have thought if a religious organization began paying out settlement money to thousands of victims of sexually abuse at the hands of it's own leaders, the followers of such religions might flee the church in search of something better. If I had befallen such an atrocity, I'd vacate that religion immediately as would my family and any seemingly rational person.

I guess some religions have brainwashed their followers to tolerate anything (Ouch, it hurts in there!). Sounds more like a cult than a centuries-old organized religion.

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