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October 2007 Skateboard Blog Post

Deconstruction of a Complete We've all come to accept the term "complete" to mean a pre-assembled skateboard. After purchasing one you might find yourself saying, "I was a complete moron for buying a complete." Generally, completes are cheaper than buying and assembling the parts yourself. Often this is due to no-name brands and generic crap. Besides, half the fun of a new set-up is putting all the right parts together yourself. Anyway...

Twice I've walked into skate shops and found this stubby Enjoi longboard complete. It has an odd deck shape and in both cases it has had these awesome lime-green retro shaped wheels - complete with a wide conical shape.

My quandary is shop owner's unrelenting inability to sell me the wheels. I don't require a stumpy longboard, but the wheels are to die for. The perfect shape - and fucking lime-green! The next time I see one of these completes, I'm gonna have to get insanely unpleasant if I can't just buy the fucking wheels. I know it upsets their delicate SKU system and their inventory will forever be awash in tainted figures, but each shop I've visited had 4 or 5 of them laying around. Top seller? Hmm... doesn't seem likely. JUST GIMME THE DAMN WHEELS!

All in time I suppose...

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