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Harry Potter Doesn't Skate Like it or not reading is a good thing. I confess to reading way to many sk8 mags, but I also like to read books. My 2-year old son loves books and gets numerous doses of everything from pics in the newspaper to "Goodnight Gorilla"... and a bit of sk8-lit.

He's too young for Harry Potter, but there's been an interesting debate as to whether this series has prompted kids to read more. Here's the bottom line folks... kids who read have parents who read - end of story. Reading a 500+ page book every 2 years isn't really a good measure of reading habits. Reading is something everyone should do daily.

I'm stoked to see an increase in skateboard-themed books for kids these days. It makes the "reading sessions" more interesting for Dad. Besides, what the hell is Quidditch. Potter doesn't know what he missed out on by riding a broom instead of a skate!

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