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Piratical Porn shelved at Blockbuster I wouldn't say I'm a connoisseur of porn, I simply tend to be more attentive in certain areas. For example when I see a porn-film box cover with a pirate theme as opposed to the usual T&A, I take notice. Such is the case with a recent title from Digital Playground, aptly named... Pirates. I saw it on an end-cap rack, at the local porn-store, displayed along with a sea of dildos. Pirates - the porn flick
Aside from the piratey box cover I gave it no thought until I saw the same box cover at Blockbuster Video. For those who don't know, Blockbuster is known for their "family entertainment standards" which loosely translates to "No Porn". Naturally, I had to snap up this little gem and see what the deal was.

This is a first (again reminding you that I'm really not a connoisseur of porn)... The original flick is X-rated, but they also made an R-rated version for the wholesome-minded viewer of sexual activity. This is the version I found at Blockbuster. You can view this flick against 2 standards. Either it's a lousy knock-off of Pirates of the Caribbean or a porn flick with astounding production value. It even has cgi effects for fight scenes and the ship. Check it out - it's worth the laugh.

So, what does this have to do with skateboarding...? I skate and I like pirates. Pretty thin, eh?

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