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February 2007 Skateboard Blog Post

Riser Rant Risers seem to have gone out of favor. Wheel-bite is pretty nonexistent with 28mm wheels (i hate small wheels) and no one seems to give them much regard - except manufacturers.

I always use risers - always! No set-up is complete without ‘em, in my opinion. From thick soft ones for the ultimate cushioned ride to the ultra-thin ones that take a bit of roughness out of my lines, I deem them a necessity. You don't have to feel that way and I'm straying way off the focus of my rant. My beef is with manufacturers and a cosmetic issue.

I usually buy Dooks since they hold up and they're cheap. Although, the branded ones look pretty cool in the catalog. It looks like fun to have Zero risers with their signature skull or the Mystery ones with the Kiss-shaped "K". Even the Lucky ones with the clover leaf and the "L" in the center look pretty sweet in green. But here's the rub...

After they're installed (between truck and deck) you only see a thin sliver of plastic (aka - the funky material they're actually made from) - usually in one color. So what? So, why pay more for the branding if it doesn't show post-install? My feet don't know the difference between a skull or a clover-leaf when it comes to sandwiching a hunk of plastic on your skate!

Enough of my negativity... Enter Pig and their checker-board risers. At least these give a glimmer of "different" when you see them installed - the pleasing checker-board pattern shows in the profile. And even though their signature pig-face is hidden, the checkerboard accentuates the style. Well done, Pig guys.

I still buy Dooks... so, nevermind.

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