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Presidential Library of Sk8 Each US President wants to leave a legacy - usually in the form of a presidential library. But, what do you do when the president openly admits he doesn't read books? George W. Bush (the dumbest man ever elected President - twice no less) brings this quandary to a head. The man has demonstrated no viable reasons to extend the "pursuit of knowledge" as his legacy. He's made no attempts to better anyone's life, but his own.

Since he is a useless fool, shouldn't we use the perverse existence of his legacy to do good for someone - like skaters? How about we create a Library of Sk8? It would archive the entire documented history of skateboarding from newspaper and magazine coverage to the numerous videos that detail the world and culture of skateboarding.

Skateboarding isn't an American phenomenon. People all over the world skateboard. I say we create a monument to the future of something good - like skateboarding - rather than a chronic reminder of corruption, treason and criminal negligence against the people of this country. Thanks for nothing George Bush!

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